The Club Marine Trailer Boat Fishing Tournament will not be cancelled or postponed.

If you think it is too rough to go out in your boat then stay onshore. Your safety is your responsibility to your family, your crew, their families, and everyone else (like all future competitors) who will be adversely affected by you making a bad decision and getting into trouble.

Even if the weather is too bad to go fishing, the registration / briefing will be held on Thursday night, the competitor BBQ on Saturday, and the Main Presentation on the Sunday. In the event of foul weather these events will be held at the Police Boys Club (7 Austral St Nelson Bay).

We purchase a lot of the prizes, commit to a number of sponsors, purchase a large amount of clothing, commit to catering and refreshments, plus commit to supporting a number of community organizations and charities. At the end of the day there’s not a lot of the entry fees left by the time the tournament is finished.

One of the biggest things we stress at the briefing is that competitors are responsible for their own (and their crews) safety. If you are not confident of the offshore weather conditions or forecast, then fish inshore. If you are not comfortable with the inshore conditions either then stay ashore. Going out in a boat is one of life’s grand adventures, and staying within your safe working capabilities is one of your main responsibilities. None of us want more and more limitations, rules, and laws thrust upon us, so the best thing to do is boat safely.

The weekend is meant to be an enjoyable weekend away with family & friends, and we’re not fighting for sheep stations or world domination. Nothing would spoil that for more everyone than people going fishing in conditions that they can get into trouble in. It’s not only uncomfortable for all aboard and nerve wracking for those left ashore, it can be downright dangerous and ruin lives.

The great news is that even if we can’t or don’t want to fish on the weekend there’s still a great BBQ on Saturday with lots of Lucky Draw prizes on Sunday. We do not take any of the prizes back. Therefore, in a perverse way, the less fish caught the more chances people have of winning a prize.

Always remember, safety is your responsibility and you’re there to have a great time. Swimming around a swamped boat hoping your mate is somewhere safe and the Water Police will arrive soon is not part of that fun.

The good common sense of our competitors over the years means we have a perfect safety record and managed to keep the rules simple. Let’s keep it that way.


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