Hopefully I can answer your questions regarding the Port Stephen’s – Great Lakes Marine Park, in particular the Habitat Protection Zones.

As a recreational fisher you can fish in all of the Habitat Protection Zones (some have restrictions but are clearly marked differently on the maps). Commercial fishing activities such as netting and trawling are not permitted in these areas to ensure the habitat is protected.

Any of the habitat protection zones in plain yellow are ok to fish in, as a recreational fisher by any legal method.

The Habitat Protection Zones that have lines/hatched areas etc marked over them have restrictions. An example of such a zone is the Broughton Island Restricted Habitat Protection Zone. You will see on the map a yellow section off Broughton Island that is cross hatched. If you look at the key it explains this area is open for fishing by the method of trolling only from Dec 1 – march 31. Outside of these dates no fishing is permitted.

All of the Habitat Protection areas that are marked by way of lines/crosses are referred to as Restricted Habitat Protection Zones and as this name suggests, there are restrictions on the type of fishing allowed in that particular zone. The restrictions are outlined both in the Zoning Plan (key on the side of the map) and in the Recreational Fishing Guide.


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