This has been a common query over the years!
It involves the status of the fish caught by juniors and how they relate to champion boat points.
The champion boat points are allocated from the three heaviest fish of each species weighed during the tournament, irrespective of whether they are caught by a senior or junior angler. 5 points for heaviest, 3 for 2nd and 1 for third.
The boat Max scored a total of 4 points which came from the 2nd & 3rd heaviest Mulloway. The juniors on board “Max” had other prize winning fish in the juniors section but other boats had larger fish overall.
eg. Tylan Maxwell on “Max” had the heaviest junior Drummer at 1.584 kg, however there were five other Drummer recorded, ranging from 1.719 kg to 2.783 kg.
The boat points for Drummer went to:
“Divert” 5 points 2.783 kg
“Tinnie” 3 points 2.345 kg
“Theresa” 1 point 2.258 kg
The important thing to remember is that there are three fish only of each species that are awarded points for champion boat.
I hope this clears it up.
I did ask John to clarify this during the presentation because we have had other queries over the years. John did mention it but very briefly.


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