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Print: 23 TBFT Entry Information

Information Required to Enter Online:
Even if you have entered the Tournament before, start your new Entry by clicking on “Enter Online”. You will be asked to log on after you have selected your entries and merchandise. You will still need to enter your current boat and crew details in full. You cannot use precious years details.

  1. Number of Senior Anglers
  2. Number of Junior Anglers
  3. Numbers and sizes of Tournament Hats & Shirts required.
  4. Previous Entrants – if you are a returning user then you can now log on with your exact email address and password as previously used.
  5. Credit Card Details plus holders name & address; phone number and email address.
    **Email address needs to be confirmed.  – ie – typed in twice.
    After entering your payment and having the payment accepted you will receive an email confirmation of the payment with “TBFT – Order Number #…………”. If you do not enter a valid email address you will not receive a receipt.
    Please print this email and keep it handy. It is also an ideal place to write the email address & passwords you used for future log-ins. Quote this Order Number in all correspondence and bring a copy of it with you to Tournament Registration (just in case there’s a gremlin in the system).
  6. You will now be allowed to enter your boat and crew details. Please note: A lot of this information is required for safety purposes in case of emergency so please provide accurate information.
  7. After entering, if someone additional wants to enter & pay separately they will need to log on as you to be able to join on your boat.

Information Required:

Boat name – (if you don’t provide one we will)
Boat Length:……………. meters
Boat Brand: …………………….
Boat Model Year: …………….
Boat Material: Alloy, Fibreglass or Other
Hull Type: Monohull, Catamaran, or Other
HP of Motors:
Motor Year Model:
Number of Motors:
Motor Brand:
Motor Type: 2 stroke or 4 stroke
Trailer Registration Number:
Boat Registration Number:
Insured By: ………………………………..
Policy Number:
Expiry Date:

NOTE: 3rd Party Insurance at a minimum is required. You can apply for and pay for comprehensive or 3rd party insurance with our major sponsor Club Marine by clicking here or using the links at Use the code word “TBFT” to access any special offers to competitors.

Comprehensive insurance is generally not much more expensive than 3rd party alone for most trailer boats. You may be able to reduce your premium by lowering the 3rd Party Insurance from $10m to $5m and/or increasing the amount of your excess.
Entrant1 / Skipper/ Owner:
First Name
Middle Initial:
Last Name
Senior / Junior
Male or Female
Street Address
Emergency Contact Number:
Onboard Contact Number:
Email Address: please ensure you enter a valid email address.

Crew: The above information is also required for each member of the crew. Please remember that much of the information requested is required in case of emergency.

TIP: Do not enter the same email address for multiple people. If you do not have a valid email address for anyone (except the skipper/owner), leave the field blank. If you use the same email 5 times you will receive 5 emails from us.


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