May 4, 2017
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Please support your sponsors whenever possible. They trust us to do a good job with some of their always limited promotional budget. If we let them know that we’re supporting them and that it’s because of their involvement with the TBFT it means you will have more prizes to win next year. Simple. To vist our sponsors sites click on the logo links or give them a call directly.
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2018 Tournament Rules & Calendar

Print 2018 Club Marine TBFT Rules and Calender

2018 Club Marine Trailer Boat Fishing Tournament

– Rules & Calender of Events

Host Club: Shoal Bay Fishing Club

Tournament Officials: Nominated members of Shoal Bay Fishing Club. In the event of any dispute related to the Tournament the Officials decision is final.

Tournament Base & Official Tent: Eastern Groyne, Victoria Pde, Nelson Bay.

Entry, Angler & Fish Eligibility:

– Entry is open to members of the public agreeing to be bound by the Tournament Rules and is not restricted to members of fishing clubs or organizations.

– Only fish caught from entered eligible trailerboats by entered eligible anglers will be eligible for points and prizes.

– To be eligible for points, an Angler must hook, strike, fight, and bring the fish to the boat to be tagged, netted, or gaffed without assistance including anyone else touching the rod or reel.

– The fish must be caught during tournament time and within tournament boundaries.

Tournament Director – all correspondence to:

Tony Poole -Trailer Boat Fishing Tournaments Pty Ltd
19 The Crescent, Dee Why, NSW, 2099
Ph: (02) 9029 6554   Fax: (02) 9972 3211   Email:

Boat Eligibility:

Entry is restricted to trailerboats – defined as any vessel capable of being transported by a NSW registered trailer being towed by a conventional motor vehicle including 4WD upon NSW public roads up to a maximum beam of 2.6 meters.

Entry Fees 2018:

– $85 per senior angler

– $40 per junior angler (under 16 years old at the time of the Tournament).

– This fee may include food and refreshments as may be provided by the organisers.

– Official close of mail entries is Monday 9th March . Online entries accepted up until 1700hrs Monday 19th March.  A Late Entry Fee may be charged for entries received after these dates. The late entry fee is $170 per Senior and $80 per Junior.


3rd Party Property insurance at a minimum is required for all competing boats. Policy proof is required. Valid and current Policy details must be provided as part of each entry.

Angler Identity:

– Angler ID cards (to be collected at registration) must be presented to any Tournament Official on request and prior to any fish weigh in or prize claim or for any other claim such as food or refreshments as may be provided.

– Anglers must be present and produce their own Angler ID card to be eligible for any Lucky Draw Prizes.

– Secondary proof of ID may be requested for any prize collections.


– All boats must comply with the relevant NSW Maritime safety regulations current at Tournament time.

Details at .

– Boat and crew safety is the responsibility of the skipper of the vessel.

– The decision to enter, compete, and fish is the decision of the competitors.

Fishing Area & Marine Parks:

– Boats must be launched and retrieved within Port Stephens or within 12 kilometers by road from Tournament Base.

– Marine Park boundaries and usage regulations must be obeyed. Details at .

Fishing Licenses:

Anglers must hold relevant and current fishing licenses, permits, etc as may be required by NSW Laws. Details at .


Prior to starting fishing, intending entrants MUST check & register their attendance at the Offical Tent at Tournament Base. Prepaid Tournament T-shirts and Caps will be available at Registration.

Official Tournament Calender – 2018

Thursday 22nd March – Official Tent Open 1730 – 2200

– Registrations & clothing pick-up commences 1800

– Competitor Briefing 2000 approx

– Lucky prize draw may be held before & immediately after the briefing.

Friday 23rd March – Official Tent open 0600 – 2200

– Start of fishing is after 0600

Saturday 24th March – Official Tent open 0600 – 2200

– BBQ / Refreshments & Lucky Prize Draws: 1200 – 1500 (weigh station closed)

– Lucky prize draws will be held immediately after the BBQ.

Sunday 25th March – Official Tent open 0600 – 1200

– Close of fishing 1200

– Anglers must be in the official Compound prior to 1200 sharp Sunday for their fish to be eligible for weigh in.

– The Official Award Ceremony will commence at approx 1330

– Lucky Prize Draws will be held before during & after the Awards.

– The final major Lucky Prize will be drawn immediately after the Awards.

Point Scoring & Species:

Individual prizes will be awarded to the angler/s (Senior & Junior) who over the Tournament weighs in the heaviest of the following eligible species:

Bream – Live only (30cm)   Cobia (65 cm)       Drummer, Black (35cm)      Flathead (36cm)

Flounder (25cm)                  Luderick (30cm)   Marlin / Billfish (t&r only)   Morwong (30cm)

Mulloway (85cm)                 Tailor (35cm)        Teragalin (45cm)                  Tuna inc. Bonito (40cm)

Snapper (30cm)                   Yellowtail Kingfish (65cm)

Species may be added or deleted at the Organisers discretion.

Competitors will be advised of any changes at the Briefing & Registration.

For the purpose of this Tournament and to avoid unnecessary fish kills, the Organisers have imposed a minimum species length eligibility above that set by NSW Fisheries in some cases. These lengths appear alongside the eligible species above. Please visit for the latest statutory species and bag limits.

Fish weighed in will have their tails docked. Live fish being released into the Bay or Big Tank for display and later release will not have their tails docked. Many anglers return their catch to the water alive after weigh-in, and this behaviour is encouraged and applauded by the Organisers and Spectators alike.

Champion Angler:

Titles will be awarded to the Senior & Junior Anglers who over the Tournament amass the most points counted as follows:

1st Heaviest of a species: 5 points

2nd Heaviest of a species: 3 points

3rd Heaviest of a species:  1 point

In the event of a tie, the winner will be the first person or boat to reach the winning points.

Champion Boat

Titles & prizes will be awarded to the boat that amasses the most eligible points as detailed for Champion Angler above. Only the top 3 fish in each species (whether caught by a Senior or Junior Angler) will be awarded points for “Champion Boat”.

Failure to abide by any of the Tournament Rules may result in disqualification from the Tournament at the Officials discretion.

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Top weekend for the whole family

February 26, 2017
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In 1994, 68 enthusiastic anglers in 26 trailer boats met at Nelson Bay on beautiful Port Stephens for a weekend of fishing, fun,  and comradery.

The rules were kept deliberately simple so as to be attractive to the majority of people who do not normally go in fishing tournaments or belong to fishing clubs. The format was such that inshore and offshore species were fairly evenly weighted for points and that enthusiastic amateurs could compete on a fairly even footing with experienced gun anglers. Most importantly, the very simple rules and tournament format were designed to be enjoyable and yet challenging to anglers of all ages and skill levels.

These ideals have been carried through to the present day and the event attracts many family groups. In fact, each year, we welcome many crews comprising 3 generations of the same family. There are 96 species prizes offered and the plethora of lucky draws mean the not-so-skilled or not-so lucky anglers stil have plenty of chances to win some great prizes from our many sponsors.

As we approach our 25th Anniversary Tournament, you can expect to be joining over 1,000 fellow anglers (with a large number of Juniors) and over 400 boats at Port Stephens for the Club Marine Trailer Boat Fishing Tournament. It is now amongst the largest and definitely the most enjoyable family fishing tournament in Australia and has stayed true to the rules and ideals set around 25 years ago.

It is truly a wonderful weekend for family and friends to experience on one of the most beautiful waterways in the world.

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Entry tips & information

February 26, 2017
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Print Entry Tips & Instructions

Information Required to Enter Online:
Even if you have entered the Tournament before, start your new Entry by clicking on “Enter Online”. You will be asked to log on after you have selected your entries and merchandise. You will still need to enter your current boat and crew details in full. You cannot use precious years details.

  1. Number of Senior Anglers
  2. Number of Junior Anglers
  3. Numbers and sizes of Tournament Hats & Shirts required.
  4. Previous Entrants – if you are a returning user then you can now log on with your exact email address and password as previously used.
  5. Credit Card Details plus holders name & address; phone number and email address.
    **Email address needs to be confirmed.  – ie – typed in twice.
    After entering your payment and having the payment accepted you will receive an email confirmation of the payment with “TBFT – Order Number #…………”. If you do not enter a valid email address you will not receive a receipt.
    Please print this email and keep it handy. It is also an ideal place to write the email address & passwords you used for future log-ins. Quote this Order Number in all correspondence and bring a copy of it with you to Tournament Registration (just in case there’s a gremlin in the system).
  6. You will now be allowed to enter your boat and crew details. Please note: A lot of this information is required for safety purposes in case of emergency so please provide accurate information.

Information Required:

Boat name – (if you don’t provide one we will)
Boat Length:……………. meters
Boat Brand: …………………….
Boat Model Year: …………….
Boat Material: Alloy, Fibreglass or Other
Hull Type: Monohull, Catamaran, or Other
HP of Motors:
Motor Year Model:
Number of Motors:
Motor Brand:
Motor Type: 2 stroke or 4 stroke
Trailer Registration Number:
Boat Registration Number:
Insured By: ………………………………..
Policy Number:
Expiry Date:

NOTE: 3rd Party Insurance at a minimum is required. You can apply for and pay for comprehensive or 3rd party insurance with our major sponsor Club Marine by clicking here or using the links at Use the codeword “TBFT” to access any special offers to competitors.

Comprehensive insurance is generally not much more expensive than 3rd party alone for most trailer boats.
You can reduce your premium by lowering the 3rd Party Insurance from $10m to $5m and/or increasing the amount of your excess.
Entrant1 / Skipper/ Owner:
First Name
Middle Initial:
Last Name
Senior / Junior
Male or Female
Street Address
Emergency Contact Number:
Onboard Contact Number:
Email Address: please ensure you enter a valid email address.

Crew: The above information is also required for each member of the crew. Please remember that much of the information requested is required in case of emergency.

TIP: Do not enter the same email address for multiple people. If you do not have a valid email address for anyone (except the skipper/owner), leave the field blank. If you use the same email 5 times you will receive 5 emails from us.

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  • Club Marine Trailer Boat Fishing Tournament

    In 1994, a small group of 26 trailerboats and 68 enthusiastic anglers got together at Nelson Bay on beautiful Port Stephens for an enjoyable weekend of fishing and camraderie.

    The Tournament Base is located near the ferry terminal at Nelson Bay. It offers good level access, plenty of room for competitors and sponsor displays, easy parking, a dedicated floating pontoon for easy drop off and pick up and plenty of beach area for boats to pull in for Saturdays BBQ.

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  • Club Marine Trailer Boat Fishing Tournament 2018 – March 23, 24, 25.

    2018 online entries open now PLEASE ENTER EARLY TO ASSISIT with catering and planning.

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